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Why Customers Buy From Us

IQAC is value oriented:
Our market research has shown us that clients are not interested in buying features; they are interested in buying value.  Our Quality Assurance consulting services create value for our customers.

Bidding for contracts:
Quality assurance initiatives give our customers high success rate in their bid for contracts.

Our team of professionals are Chartered Quality Professionals, IRCA trained Lead Auditors and Management Consultants with vast area of specialisation across all services we provide. Our clients are often endeared by our thoroughness, ingenuity and intellectual capacity.

We adopt a simplistic and flexible approach while helping our clients implement their quality management systems with continued assistance during certification and visits from third party audits.

Risks and compliance:
While implementing quality management systems for our clients, business risks previously missed were identified even before compliance and certification were achieved, leaving clients satisfied. Our customers confess that during the implementation of quality assurance systems, business risks they did not now about where exposed and in many cases regulatory compliance were achieved even before certification.

Flexible pricing regime:
Our pricing regime is very competitive and flexible with possible spread of payments and offer of discounts on large orders. We also provide complimentary services as tasters for potential customers.

Integrated solution
IQAC enables businesses to achieve a better co-ordinated quality assurance strategy through a company-wide implementation of policies, procedures and work instructions.

Motivated workforce:
Our clients have attested to a better motivated, innovative and committed workforce with accompanied improved productivity, after the use of our services. One reason for this is due to client's workforce involvement in IQAC solutions delivery processes.

Health and Safety:
IQAC help companies and businesses achieve a healthier, safer and greener work environment.

Customer satisfaction and repeat purchases:
Due to the unique delivery of IQAC's integrated quality assurance framework to customers, many of our clients have attested to experiencing increased volume of sales order  after the use of our services.