Quality Internal Auditor Training for Care Practitioners

This course will help he capacity building of care organisations with appetite for always-on-time preparedness for routine or sudden CQC-initiated quality control and quality assurance checks.


You will learn how to use various tools, techniques and step-by-step guidance for successfully conducting internal audits with bias for selected CQC regulatory requirements.

After the training you should be able to conduct routine ‘audit drills’ for all-time preparedness for CQC inspections, third party quality audit, assessment for certification and continuous improvement.

Course Content



Target Audience


Care Organisations, Directors, Managers, Management Representatives, Internal Audit Coordinators, Deputy Managers and Care Professionals.


Date: TBA


Duration of Course: 9:00 - 16:00



IQAC Training

6-20 Provident House

Burrell Row



Cost: £295 per delegate (15% off early bird discounts)

For more information, please contact us on:

0208 249 6432