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Welcome to Integrated  Quality Assurance Consulting

IQAC is a management consultancy  that provides a one stop shop for Quality Management System and compliance services. We specialise in  the use of multiple Quality Assurance frameworks in helping businesses to perform at their best and achieve compliance. Our quality assurance consulting service positively impact on our clients' organisational services, business processes and human resources across a wide range of industries. Our services are geared towards achieving innovative improvements, regulatory conformance and accreditations which ultimately results in reduction of costs, sales and profit increases for our clients.  Furthermore, clients' corporate image, integrity and reputation are enhanced.

We will help you to:

Through quality assurance, enhance confidence in your products/services, reduce chances of defects in your products/services and enhancing  your  organisation’s competitive potential.

Food for thought:

s your organisation keen on being a preferred  and chosen supplier in a bid?

Is your organisation aware of what difference implementing a quality initiative could make to the process of tendering for a business, securing a franchise as well as guaranteeing a permanent source of referrals?

Is your organisation aware that non regulatory compliance has let to the collapse of several giant companies?

Is your organisation aware that the real drivers behind quality initiatives is not certification but innovation, constant improvement, cost-cutting, effectiveness, risk control and helping you to achieve your business goals and objectives?

Do you know that the process of implementing quality initiative would in spire your company’s human resources to high  level of commitment?

If your organisation has interests or concerns about the above, then contact IQAC today on 0208 249 6432 or email  info@iqac.co.uk.